Design Home Cheats

Design Home Cheats

Design Home Cheats – Cash and Diamonds Generator

Design home is the most popular simulation game. It is available for both IOS and Android devices. In this, the player is required to design the room. In order to complete the designing, they get dollars, which are used in order to purchase the different pieces of furniture. They can use furniture items for filling the spare spaces in the room. Design home hack is a great opportunity for the players because this tool can assist in improving the performance.



What are the currencies and their uses?

Design home game contains three types of currencies, which are keys, diamonds, and dollars.  Here is the description related to the use of such currencies –

  • Keys – with the use of this currency, the players can enter an event. Majority of the events require 25 keys for getting an entry; however, when it comes to the daily events, then it require20 keys. Now if we talk about the methods of getting keys, then there are two options. Players can vote on different challenges and gather currency on a daily basis.
  • Diamonds – there are also many accessory items, which can be purchased by using diamonds. Pictures and plants are examples of accessory items, and the players can’t buy it with the use of cash. However, this currency can’t be used in order to enter the event. You will get 500 diamonds on a regular basis and winning 5 stars leads to 125 bonus diamonds.
  • Cash – use it for attaining the desired piece of furniture. Whenever the player enters in the event, he/she will be paid. For example, a few special events pay one thousand dollars, and the majority of the events go with 500 dollars. If any player wants to get unlimited currency, get help from the design home cheats.



How can you win the challenge?

The results of the challenges are basically determined by other game users. Basically, they have to the better one from two options. In case, if your entry is chosen by getting more votes, then you will attain some starts. With the help of these stars, you will be able to win the prize. On the other side, if the look of the room has the potential to win five starts, then it will also help in getting 125 diamonds as a bonus.

However, if you are not selected, then don’t be disappointed because several players don’t think too much while giving the rating. So, you just need to try to make the look, which can seek the attention of maximum players. Design home hack can prove helpful in order to create an amazing look of the room.

Important tips for getting success in design home 

The game is all about the style of decorating the place by using different things. However, if you want to get success within the short span, then follow the below mentioned tips.

  • If the player is not entering a challenge then at least opens the game daily. Players can collect the diamonds and tickets by daily login. For collecting such reward, you just need to click on the shoulders icon.
  • While buying furniture, make sure that you are selecting the option of one, which can be purchased by cash. Always try to utilize fewer diamonds because these will help in attaining the décor items. Also, this currency is required for gathering accessory items.
  • It is extremely important for the players to save the cash so that they can use this for buying the necessary things. That’s why; if you are a beginner, then choose the option of cheap furniture items.
  • Players always tend to enter maximum events for the collection of cash, but it is advised to don’t enter in each and every event. Before entering, make sure that you are going to win. Otherwise, there is no sense to take entry in unnecessary events.

Design home cheats are the ideal option for the players when it comes to gathering currency. Apart from this, if any of your Facebook friends are also playing, then you are allowed to borrow some items from these Friends. By this, you can save cash and time as well.

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